3 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent When Selling A Home

Posted on: 28 December 2015

The challenges of selling a home can be many even when the real estate market is doing well. Being able to find the right buyer for your property can take time and effort. In order to make this task less difficult for you, it's ideal to hire a real estate agent to assist you in getting your home sold. By knowing specific reasons to hire a real estate agent, this may be the motivation you need to get your home listed.

Reason #1:  List your home                                                                                                                                                        

The key to getting your home sold in the shortest amount of time is by having it visible to others. Your real estate agent can list your home on the multiple listing services (MLS), and this is a popular website for any person looking to purchase real estate.

Additionally, the agent you select will be local to your area and will know the best newspapers and classifieds to list your home for sale in to get the right buyer.

Reason #2: Professional photography and videos

Getting the right pictures of the interior and exterior of your home is critical to your success. Your real estate agent can either take these pictures for you or recommend a photographer who will be able to do so.

It's also important to have a video of the inside of your home for potential buyers to get an idea of the property before scheduling a showing.

Reason #3: Provide a Comparative Market Analysis

Being able to get your home sold quickly may depend on being well-informed about other houses in your area that are on the market or have sold. This information will be provided in a comparative market analysis (CMA), and some of the things you will find in this report are listed below:

1. The price a home was sold for in your area.

2. If a home was taken off the market and the amount of time, it was listed.

3. The price that homes are listed for that is comparable to yours.

The benefits of relying on a real estate agent to help you get your home sold sooner rather than later are many. This type of professional assistance is ideal for any homeowner who wants advice and guidance when selling the property. Be sure to take the time to select an agent local to you who is well-informed about your neighborhood to assist you.

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