You Can Make Your Vacation Home Much Smarter

Posted on: 31 March 2016

When you own a vacation rental, the amount of money you are able to ultimately put in your pocket is usually what is left after your expenses are subtracted from your income. But managing these expenses is often difficult to do when you are not the one using the property on a daily basis. Luckily enough, technology has made this much easier to do with many of the smart features now available on the market. Not only will these features make your vacation home smarter, they will make your vacation home safer and much more economical.

Replace Your Thermostat

Like most owners, you probably see a sharp increase in your utility bills when your properties are rented. This is not only because they are occupied, but it is often because your tenants have no problem pushing up or down the thermostat and leaving it there. They realize that they are not the ones having to pay the bills. Unfortunately, if you are still using a traditional thermostat it will stay at that setting until you, your management company, or your cleaning service arrives. 

By installing a smart thermostat it will help you have more control over the temperature in the house. They are self-programmable and highly customizable. They will even be able to learn when your property is occupied and when it is not. It will not only raise and lower the inside temperature during the day based on the weather outside, but it will automatically switch from heating to cooling based on the seasons.

One of the best things about them is that many of them will allow you to monitor and control them from your smart phone. You will be able to ensure your home is comfortable when your renters arrive, and not have to worry again about the heat or air being left on.

Replace The Batteries In Your Smoke & CO2 Detector

In some cases you do not have to replace an entire device to make the device smart. This is the case if you choose to install a smart battery in your smoke and CO2 detector. By simply installing a battery, you will give your alarm the ability to notify you by phone not only when it goes off, but it will even notify you when the battery is low. In addition to receiving notifications, you can program the app to notify other number such as your property management company. This will allow a fast follow up if a problem is detected, and give you the ability to call 911 even if your property is not occupied.

This is just a couple of the smart options on the market that may benefit your vacation home, there are many more you may want to consider. While you may encounter a small upfront cost for the purchase and installation, most of them will fully pay for themselves through the savings,  as well as the peace of mind they provide.