2 Ways NFC Chip Technology Can Help Your Real Estate Agency Stay Competitive

Posted on: 14 April 2016

If you run a real estate agency, then you know how competitive your business is, and it is only getting more and more competitive as new agents are entering the market. Now that profits are being made in real estate again since the housing market has begun to recover after housing crash of '08, more and more new agents are becoming licensed. You need to keep up with industry technology to stay competitive, and one type of technology that can make your agency more successful is NFC chip technology. Read on to learn how taking advantage of NFC chip technology can make your agency even more successful. 

1. NFC Chips on For Sale Signs Help You Sell

Having "For Sale" signs produced with NFC chips on them can benefit you and your clients in many ways. You likely know that people looking for new homes not too far from their current ones often drive through neighborhoods to check out the areas they are considering making a move to. If they like the look of the exterior of a home for sale that your agency is selling, they may call the number on a sign with no NFC chip on it. However, if your agent responsible for the listing is busy with another client, they may miss the only opportunity they have to help make the sale. Or, the buyer may write down the phone number on the sign and then lose it or lose interest when run into another home with a "For Sale" sign and call an agent who is not busy. 

When your new signs are equipped with NFC chips, you won't have to worry about missing out on new clients due to these problems. Instead, tthe potential buyer can wave their phone near the sign an immediately access all the information about the home they need. You can even have the chip scan bring up a virtual tour that leads them through the entire interior of the home, so they can see what is inside without an agent present. 

However, that is not the only advantage of these chips. You can have the chip programmed to capture the phone number of the phone that scans it. Your agency can then call the potential buyer, whether the buyer later calls your agents or not. Even if they don't end up purchasing the specific home they scanned, you may then land a new client and can have the opportunity to find them the home that do love that is on the market and earn that commission you need. 

2. NFC Chips Can Also Be Embedded in Your Marketing Materials

Another way your agency can take advantage of NFC chip technology is to have them embedded your marketing materials. This includes everything from home brochures to business cards. Your agents can have the chips embedded in their business cards direct clients to a page with all of your real estate listings or even a video where your agent introduces him or herself and how they can help the prospective client. When you add NFC chips  to your brochures, they can be programmed to provide virtual home tours when scanned. And just like the NFC chips in your For Sale signs, the chips can be designed to let you know who scans, their phone number, and even their name to create an easy warm lead that can lead to another great client.

Worried not enough people have NFC chips on their phones to make this technology useful for you? Millions of smartphones are now equipped with NFC chips that can communicate with yours, and almost every smartphone purchased within the last few years now has one. Take advantage of this new form of communication to help make your real estate agency even more successful than ever. 

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