Home Improvement Ideas To Do Before Listing Your House

Posted on: 29 August 2016

While the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home is important to a potential buyer, a lot of focus is put on the aesthetics of your house as well. It's why sellers focus on making improvements to the interior of their home before putting it up for sale. If you are planning on doing some renovations to make a home look more attractive to buyers, these tips will help you do it.

Improvements To The Kitchen

One room of the house that buyers put a lot of emphasis on is your kitchen. If you want it to stand out from other homes, you'll need to do some simple renovations. Start by improving the cabinets, especially if the kitchen is on the smaller side. Finding places for additional cabinets can help improve the existing small space by giving a place for all those extra pots, pans, and cookware items.

Consider mounting the spice rack on the wall in a place where a cabinet could not normally go. This will free up the countertop space by getting the spices out of the way. The same concept applies to adding a glass holder that mounts under the cabinets. It will help free up some cabinet space by placing wine glasses in a place that nothing else can really go.

The color choice of your tile flooring can also make a huge different. Light colors will make a kitchen appear bigger than it really is.

Improvements To The Bathroom

Buyers also place a big emphasis on the bathrooms. This room can be improved without spending a ton of money on it. Even simple swaps, like putting in a new toilet seat, will freshen up the look of a bathroom. Bathroom vanities are easy to install as well, and replacing a pedestal sink with one that has counter space and cabinets can make the bathroom look more appealing.

The same logic behind light colored kitchen tiles also applies to a bathroom. Putting in new light colored flooring can make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Improvements To The Lighting

Old lighting fixtures may get the job done, but they will make a home feel dated. Swapping out these old fixtures for a new chandelier ceiling fan makes a room feel more modern. This is especially true for a bedroom, where a buyer might walk into an empty room and it is the only thing in it that they have to focus on.

For more home improvement tips to do before you list, speak with your real estate agent.