3 Features To Look For In A Tiny Home With A Family

Posted on: 21 September 2016

While many people assume that tiny-home life is more reserved for singles and couples, living in a tiny home can be just as rewarding for those who have children or more than just one or two people in the house. If you are considering making the transition into a tiny home, there is no doubt you will find all of the tiny homes on the market fascinating to check out. However, if you are serious about buying a tiny home in the real estate market with a family, there are a handful of features you should be looking for with any specific property. 

Extended Outdoor Living Space

Without a lot of space inside a tiny home, the exterior property will become even more of an important asset than usual--especially when you have children. Look for a tiny home that has ample yard space, a large patio, or even an extended outdoor kitchen area. Having this extra space outdoors will mean it will be less likely for everyone in the house to feel like they have nowhere to escape to in order to find some space or place to play or unwind. 

Private Sleeping Quarters

Tiny home life can mean a major adjustment regardless of the size of the family where privacy is concerned. In such tight quarters, it can be hard to have individual spaces, which is one reason why many families are hesitant to transition to tiny home life. The key in making it work is to find a tiny home that is small and reserved but also offers private spaces for each individual. Look for a tiny house that has private sleeping quarters, which will make a major difference in the satisfaction of everyone in the long run. 

Ample Storage Space

If there are just one or two people in a tiny home, keeping things neat and tidy will not be a big issue because just one or two people do not require a lot of extra stuff. However, when you have children, there are a lot of things that you just cannot do without, such as toys or supplies for infants and toddlers. Therefore, finding a tiny home with an ample amount of storage is an all-out must if you have children. Many tiny homes are designed with storage hiding out beneath the floors of the house or even with a small attic-like space overhead to tuck away extra belongings.