3 Features That Offer More Storage in a Luxury Home

Posted on: 22 August 2016

If you are interested in a luxury home, one of the greatest luxuries that you can have is space. If you are in the market for a luxury home, there are features that you can find that will offer you more storage space and the option to extend your living area. The more space you have in your home, the more options you have for purchasing and living. Here are three features to look for in a luxury home that you should look for if storage is something that you need. [Read More]

3 Disclosures You Should Always Report When Selling A Home

Posted on: 26 July 2016

If you are planning to put your home up among other homes for sale soon, you need to understand the importance of disclosures. Some issues will be apparent, such as roofing issues or bad plumbing. However, there are additional items that you may not have known to disclose, including the following: Death In some states, you will be required to disclose if anyone died in the house. They may even have you state the type of death, particularly if it was a homicide or other violent demise. [Read More]

Shopping For A Home? 4 Cosmetic Problems You Should Always Ignore

Posted on: 6 July 2016

Everyone wants to walk into their future home and fall in love with it instantly. While love at first sight does happen in the world of real estate, it doesn't happen all the time. Many times, buyers have to see beyond cosmetic turnoffs and learn to envision what a home can be in order to find their dream home in their dream location without blowing their budget. So if you're looking to buy a home, strive to look past the tacky, dirty, and plain ugly. [Read More]

Looking At Homes For Sale As A New Parent: Four Things You Want To Look For And Pay Attention To

Posted on: 29 May 2016

If you are a new parent or if you are about to be a new parent, and you are looking at homes for sale, you have to look at each home you tour with a different set of eyes. Instead of looking at a property as a single person or married couple with no kids, you have to take your child or children into consideration.  That means you need to look for certain things in the house, yard, neighborhood and school closest to your possible new home. [Read More]