2 Ways NFC Chip Technology Can Help Your Real Estate Agency Stay Competitive

Posted on: 14 April 2016

If you run a real estate agency, then you know how competitive your business is, and it is only getting more and more competitive as new agents are entering the market. Now that profits are being made in real estate again since the housing market has begun to recover after housing crash of '08, more and more new agents are becoming licensed. You need to keep up with industry technology to stay competitive, and one type of technology that can make your agency more successful is NFC chip technology. [Read More]

You Can Make Your Vacation Home Much Smarter

Posted on: 31 March 2016

When you own a vacation rental, the amount of money you are able to ultimately put in your pocket is usually what is left after your expenses are subtracted from your income. But managing these expenses is often difficult to do when you are not the one using the property on a daily basis. Luckily enough, technology has made this much easier to do with many of the smart features now available on the market. [Read More]

3 Questions About Your Future To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Your First Home

Posted on: 22 February 2016

The purchase of your first home can be an overwhelming – but exciting – experience. If you'd like to purchase your first home with an eye towards the future, consider the three questions below. 1. Do You Expect Any Future Additions to Your Family? Whether your family's new addition is of the human or animal variety doesn't matter. What does matter, however, is whether you have sufficient space to comfortably expand. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Hire An Agent When Selling Your Home

Posted on: 7 January 2016

When it comes to selling your house, you may need some help doing so. Regardless if the market is doing well or not, this can be a challenging task. One of the most efficient ways to get your home sold faster is by using a real estate agent to assist you. By knowing specific ways a real estate agent can help you, this may motivate you to select the right one. [Read More]